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Tailor4Less Review

"Tailor4Less Reviews" aims to warn public about potential risks involved in dealing with Tailor4Less.com
This review of Tailor4Less is based on opinions and personal experiences of verified customers of T4L.


Tailor4less is one of the few remaining companies in the internet, who build its business on deception, misleading their customers and violating their consumer rights.

  • Misleading Satisfaction Guaranties: Tailor4Less has 100% satisfaction guarantee, but even according to their own statements, only 95% of their customers have been satisfied.
  • No Refund Policy: Tailor4less rejects their customer's right of refund. No matter how bad the quality of the product you have received, you will never get your money back. (please note that Tailor4Less does not guarantee you any quality).
  • Misleading Product Alternation Policy. T4L: Tailor4Less offers a Perfect Fit Guarantee. Bring your garment to any local tailor and we will refund the cost of alterations. Beware!!! Additional research is required to find conditions for the refund and refund limits.
  • Absent of Clothing Labels. Tailor4Less does not disclose information about fabrics content, country of the manufacturer or any other information legally required by law.
  • T4L does not provide any contact information, except email address. If your emails are ignored you have no alternative options to contact them.
  • Negative comments and reviews about T4L and their products are challenged and getting blocked and removed from social media.

Tailor4Less business concept:

  • Get cheapest fabrics.
  • Find cheapest labor.
  • Market this cheap, low quality product as luxury, elegant and exclusive.

As you can see, the core of this business concept is already built on misleading customers. Fortunately for T4L, not many of their customers have ever owned luxury, elegant or exclusive garments. Therefore, it is easy to sell to these customers, that elegant clothing is all about "the perfect fit".
Perfect fit is important, but what makes the garment elegant or exclusive is the QUALITY. Quality of fabrics and quality of craftsmanship. But, as we all know Tailor4Less does NOT guarantee you quality.

Handshake with T4L

First impression (bait)

The first impression was incredibly good. T4L did a very good job and developed:

  • Impressive website: well designed, beautifully decorated and very attractive.
  • Powerful concept: save time, save money, get what you want (a product that is made exclusively for you).
  • Amazing, state of art ordering system.
T4L promise you great product

Tailor4less Customer Review:

It was  love at first sight. It was the revolution I was waiting for. Finally I could purchase “Custom Clothing For Luxurious And Elegant Style And Living” for affordable price.

Now you don't need to visit a tailors or spend long hours in shopping malls trying to find the garment (the one that you love and the one which loves you back by fitting you perfectly).

Building confidence

Making deal with T4L

What are the common concerns that could stop you buying your dream clothes from the internet for a very attractive price?

  1. The material is not as it seems.
  2. The garment does not fit.
  3. The production and delivery times are too long.

T4L has it all covered:

  1. You can order samples of fabric;
  2. T4L guarantee you the perfect fit (alteration refunds and remakes);
  3. Your garment will arrive in less than 15 days from the day of receiving your payment.

Sounds amazing? It does and T4L deserves recognition and respect for this.

Tailor4less Customer Review:

I decided to treat myself with an elegant 3-piece suit with extra pants. I hardly could contain myself from pressing the “BUY NOW” button. But I decided to do this the right way, so I ordered 8 examples of material (mostly 100% wool).

Within a week I had it delivered. My first reaction was a surprise, it wasn’t the usual feel and look of 130s 100% wool. I showed it to few of my friends. They had also never seen 100% wool being so thin. But 100% wool is 100% wool. Right? The technology evolves so fast, sometimes its hard to keep up with it. So, after a little hesitation I decided to give it a try. So far my experience with t4l was very good and I had no reason to doubt their honesty and expertise. They had won me over a long time ago with their innovative approach and amazing user experience. They offer "premium" fabrics, perfect fit guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So what can go wrong?

I paid 370USD and was feeling confident and excited..

Parcel arrived. What is it?

The parcel arrived as promised, by the end of the second week. I opened the parcel with anticipation.

First I tried the trousers. I noticed straight away that the finish was bad it looked like someone forgot to make the final stitch to "pack down" the band lining. The tailoring quality was quite poor. However the trousers and waistcoat fitted quite well.

Then I tried the jacket. It was too tight in the sleeves and across the chest. I couldn’t lift or bend my arms without the worry that I would tear the jacket apart. To tailor a jacket requires a much higher skill level than to tailor pants, as a result the poor workmanship was evident everywhere (bad stitching, bad alignment etc.).

It was a huge disappointment instead of receiving  “Custom Clothing For Luxurious And Elegant Style And Living” I received some kind of cheap imitation. The cheapest suits locally which cost around 100USD are much better quality than the one I received.

Following proceduress

Customer Service

T4l offers customer support service via live chat and email.

alternation refund money

Live chat will assist you with general enquiries and sales; emails mostly used for support tickets in cases of faulty products. The customer service representatives are normally polite and quite helpful.

However, you need to acknowlege that they use semi-automated customer support. How does it work? The customer service representatives have pre set answers for almost every question. Their task is to identify which answer is the most appropriate for the situation and then (depending on the system they use) just to "copy and paste" or click "submit selected answer". Therefore do not be surprised if you receive EXACTLY the same answer over and over again. You'll know if you asked the "non-standard" question, as it will take them an extra day to formulate an answer.

Alternation Refunds

If your garment needs alterations T4L will refund alterations up to a maximum of 15- 50 USD depending on the product. If alternations will cost more than the designated amount T4L may offer you to remake the product. However you will need to pay postage fees, which could be as high as 100USD (both ways). (plus check your custom services they might charge additional taxes).

Tailor4less Customer Review:

Emotions aside, I had to make it work. I was advised by a T4L customer service representative to take the suit to local tailor for alterations.

The old Italian master had a good laugh when I showed him my “Custom made, Luxurious and Elegant” suit. He said that he will be able to fix the trousers, but couldn't do anything with the jacket. Then he did something really bad: he showed me what high quality 130s 100% wool looks and feels like. Then when I asked him “what did I get?”, his answer was short: “cheap crap”.

I wrote to T4L and said that the suit could not be fixed. They comforted me by saying that I needed to send the suit back to them (to Spain) and they will do everything they can to find my satisfaction. My wife posted the suit back and paid around 48USD in postage fees.

Reality check

As we all know there are suits that can cost less than 100USD and there are suits that can cost over 3000USD. Without getting into any details about efficiency of business processes and effectiveness of marketing strategies, how would you tell something cheap from something expensive?

We would compare the quality of products (in our case, quality of fabric and quality of workmanship). Normally we would be prepared to pay more for better quality products. “Value for money” is the most important aspect of quality. It is when the customer is satisfied that the price fairly reflects the quality.

No refund

T4L offer ("promise" would be the better word for it) high quality premium fabrics, handmade garments, postage, alteration refunds, garment remakes and customer service. All of this for a very affordable price. The profit margins seems to be so small, you cannot help yourself but wonder: "How do they do it?""

The answer is very simple: they promise you high quality, but they do not guarantee it.

Yes, you read it right, the ONLY thing they guarantee is the "perfect fit", but NOTHING about the quality.

We assume that the only reason they do not guarantee you quality is because their intention to give you a high quality product can not be met with their current quality of material and craftmanship. As the only way the company can make money is if they sell a cheap, low quality product and market it as: “Custom Clothing For Luxurious And Elegant Style And Living””.

The only way they can get away with this is by developing a NO REFUND POLICY.

So what does “NO REFUND” policy really mean? The ONLY reason for companies to have a “NO REFUND” policy is because they do not believe in their product. These companies know that what they advertise is a lie. The real product is the cheapest possible imitation. They know that people will not see any value for money and will not accept the quality of the product. These dodgy companies are not for the long term, but in the business of making a “quick buck” by misleading their customers.

So why does Tailor4Less have a “NO REFUND” policy”? Because they know exactly that the refund ratio can be very high. But… thanks to the post-selling policy, the only thing customers of Tailor4Less will get back is the answer: IN ANY CASE, WE DO NOT REFUND THE AMOUNT OF THE ORDER BUT TRY INSTEAD TO FIND OUR CLIENT'S SATISFACTION. (in the next chapter we will tell you HOW Tailor4Less  is "TRYING TO FIND THEIR CLIENT'S SATISFACTION").

Tailor4less Customer Review:

When T4L received my suit back, they said that they were going to make me a new jacket, therefore they asked me for new measurements. Just in case, once again I checked my measurements and they were exactly the same as the initial ones (my wife and I took our time to take the measurements to the exact guidelines provided by T4L).

This event had completely ruined my belief in the abilities of T4L to deliver a quality product. In addition I was informed that I will need to pay for additional shipping 24EUR (30USD).

I found myself in the situation in which: I just paid 420USD; plus I will need to pay extra 30$ (totalling  $450) for a low quality suit, a suit which is worth less than $100 and cost about $20 to produce. In addition, as my measurements had not changed, I was expected to take another gamble; and if the suit would not fit again, I would need to send it back again to have another re-make (this would then bring the cost of the suit to more than 530USD).

I am not the smartest guy in the world (otherwise I would not be in this position), but it was clear to me, that I was not getting any “value for money”. So after much consideration I asked politely to refund my purchase.

At this stage, despite the faulty product, I was happy to give T4L a 5 star rating. I understand that each business has its own challenges, so I was prepared to wait until T4L would improve the quality of their products. It would be my pleasure to support such an inovative company by being a loyal customer and by introducing the company to my extended network.

I was shocked to find out that Tailor4Less has a NO refund policy. Currently I live in New Zealand and if T4L was located in New Zealand, I would be protected by Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act.

Beware of Tailor4Less Fabrics Quality and absent of Clothing Labels.

Tailor4Less fabrics appears to be of very low quality.
cloths tags T4L promises you top quality fabrics, like 130S or 180S 100% wool.
However, to our knowledge, NO items produced by T4L have Clothing Labels, therefore you are never sure what fabric has been used. Its not only inconvenient, but in many countries it's illegal.

Majority of countries have strict regulations regarding Clothing Labels.
All textile products MUST have a Clothing Label with following information:

  • Labels must to disclose the fiber contents of the article in descending order of percentage.
  • Labels must to disclose the fabric's country of origin.
  • Labels must also include the company name or registered identification number (RN) of the manufacturer, importer or other firm handling the product.
  • All garments must include labels that disclose care instructions for the consumer's benefit. These instructions must be complete and accurate to provide care for the life of the garment. If any harm could come to the garment, it should be noted. For instance, if a garment cannot be ironed, the label should state "Do Not Iron." Care labels should be clear and legible and durable enough to last the life of the garment.

For more information about Laws on Clothing Label Requirements in your country please visit Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) ). If labels are mandatory in your country and your item produced by T4L has NO Clothing Labels please report it to your Consumer Rights authorities or contact your lawyer.

Contact Us.... if you can.

When it comes to contacting the company, it would seem that T4L provide only one choice- an email address.
For some reason T4L does not want the public to know their physical addresses or contact numbers.
However, if you look really hard you can find in the "private policy" section the following information:

it's not fair

Identifying data of the owner and manager of the website www.tailor4less.com
Buchhaldenstrasse, 1
8301 - Kloten

If you continue reading you will also find out that the website (which is registered in France ) is protected by and operated in accordance with Spanish Law.
On their facebook page, T4L claims that they are "present in over 20 countries and have their HQ in Barcelona & Shanghai".
From the information available on the Facebook search, one of the owners of T4L lives in U.A.E., another in Indonesia; and the majority of managers, directors and employees live in Indonesia.

There is probably a simple explanation for such a structure. However as a customer you would expect simplicity and reliable information about who you are dealing with and most importantly who to contact when you have a problem.

At the moment if your emails to the T4L customer service are ignored, the only option you have is to write a letter to someone at AFT GmbH.

Protecting their positions

Despite that Tailor4Less practices are immoral they may not be illegal.
Why? Tailor4Less promise you a perfect fit guarantee and it seems that they keep their promise. The promise of high quality is so called subjective as everyone has its own standards of high quality. Unfortunately for the customers of Tailor4Less, T4L's high quality standards are very low.

How much longer will Tailor4less keep taking advantage of their customers? Its very hard to tell. Human nature is driven by greed and fear. T4L have created an irresistible bait and created the illusion of a safe environment. Tailor4Less is also very good in misleading and openly lying to their customers.

Here some examples of Tailor4less’ dishonesty and misleading practices: Lets have a look at the following statement which T4L uses the most: “We guarantee client's satisfaction. Over 95% of our clients are satisfied with our products”

  1. First of all, why do all companies with over 80% satisfaction ratios have a REFUND (money back guarantee) policy?
    1. Because they treat their customers with respect, as the most important asset.
      Unfortunately customers of Tailor4Less do not have this privilege.
    2. It is too risky for a business. Having a “no refund” policy is the quickest way to destroy a company’s reputation.
      So why does a successful company with a (unrealistically high) OVER 95% of customer satisfaction rate, would risk everything; and would associate itself with dodgy dealers, spammers and thefts? The only logical explanation is that this company lies about the “satisfaction rate”.
  2. But lets trust T4l once again and believe that they do have a 95% satisfaction rate. Now we have an even bigger problem: if someone gives you a “satisfaction guarantee” it cannot be 95%, it cannot be even 99.9%; IT MUST BE 100%. Honest companies, unlike T4L, offer 100% satisfaction guarantee OR YOUR money back.
  3. By the way, does anyone know what happened to the 5% of unsatisfied customers? Did Tailor4Less just take their money and left them with nothing?
  4. This bring us to the point of how Tailor4Less is "TRYING TO FIND THEIR CLIENTS SATISFACTION".
    They do it in the pure "Tailor4Less fashion":
    "Thank you for your message!
    We are very sorry to inform you that this is the only offer we can make according to our policy.
    Please consider it."

    In other words: "be happy with what we give you OR join the "5%"".
    Warning: Definition of the word "to find" is: "To come upon or discover by searching or making an effort".
    However Tailor4Less's statment: "WE ARE TRYING TO FIND OUR CLIENTS SATISFACTION"; should be read as: "We will impose, specify authoritively what our clients satisfaction will be."

Do you think that this is the end of your humiliation? Wait there is more... Now as a customer of Tailor4Less you must be thankful and gratetful.

Tailor4Less blocks and removes hundreds of unsatisfied reviews. The few that have managed to publish them, had to go through an identification and verification process. But even then you have a very little chance of being heard and to warn others.

You could try yourself to ask T4L questions that are IMPORTANT, for any customer. For example:

  • Why does Tailor4Less have a  NO refund policy? Is it because of the high rate of disatisfaction?
  • What will happen if you are NOT satisfied with their product? For this matter, what happend to the 5% of unsatisfied customers?
  • What do they mean by "WE ARE TRYING TO FIND OUR CLIENT'S SATISFACTION"? is there more than 1(only) option available? How much more will I need to pay for it?

You can try it right now. Go to T4L Facebook Page and ask them one of these questions. The chances are that by the time you finish exploring our website, your comment will be removed (our best attempt lasted just over an hour). By the way, while you are on their facebook page have a look at the featured "TrustPilot Reviews". Then go to the TrustPilot website and compare the results. Interesting how some bad reviews just disappear. To look "fair" T4L always select one bad review and put in on top. But that is as far as fairness goes.

Tailor4less Customer Review:

After about 3 months of negotiations and trying to "find customer satisfaction" I am still in a hopeless position.

There is no reasoning with the customer service team. They just send me exactly the same message over and over again. There are no contact numbers to try to solve the problem over the phone. My messages and questions over social media (facebook) are getting blocked and deleted.


T4L looking for new victim

We should not need to live in the worry of what can go wrong- will we and our money be protected?

E-commerce companies should respect and treasure their customers as the most important asset. Luckily in the majority of cases it seems to be the norm. Unfortunately you can not completely avoid the risk, but you can try to limit it by following these steps:

  1. Don’t be greedy if someone offers you: a "special deal", but you need to act quickly. Take your time, shop around, make an informed decision.
  2. Always check terms and conditions. Check your rights especially regarding guarantees and refund policies.
  3. Always search for reviews of the company and their products.
  4. Try to avoid companies that do not have contact information.
  5. Share e-shopping experiences with your network.
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Should you buy from Tailor4Less?

It's up to You to decide.
Our aim is to provide you with the full information so you can make your own informed decision. Many of us did not have this choice.

We wish you lots of joy and happiness in your shopping experience